Traumatic experience isn’t defined by the experience itself but rather on how you perceive the experience. Trauma happens when you feel that your life or well-being, or that of someone else, is threatened. Two different people can experience the same thing. While one person is unaffected, the other has a deep impact. Getting lost in a large store can be traumatizing for a child if they are scared that they will never see their mother again. Virtually all of us have some kind of trauma in our lives, though at varying degrees.

New Behavioral Services provides a sophisticated, comprehensive treatment of complex trauma, psychiatric disorders, and co-occurring disorders as well as counseling trauma services. As leaders in mental health and trauma healing, we provide the most trusted, cutting-edge, and evidence-based treatment options for those affected by issues of trauma and mental health.

Our mission is to guide individuals on their journey of reconnection to themselves and to heal those whose lives have been interrupted by symptoms related to trauma and provide family services of peel trauma counselling. We treat the root causes of these symptoms by addressing and identifying the original trauma. With an elevated sense of awareness, compassion, and knowledge, we provide intensive, integrative counseling and trauma services designed to heal the whole person.